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Horizontal Test Rigs

The CFRL has two horizontal test rigs used for atmospheric spray and combustion tests. The horizontal combustion facility is equipped with a 72 kW inline air heater and features an ANSI 6” 300 lb flange for connecting test hardware. A pipe reducer can be used to change the connection to an ANSI 8” 150 lb flange for larger hardware. Flow direction is horizontal. The facility is mounted on casters to enable movement. The horizontal combustion facility can be used in conjunction with the fuel collector system for non-reacting tests. Additionally, it can be combined with the low-pressure system and the fuel collector system for sub-atmospheric testing.

The horizontal combustion facility has been used for several combustion studies including tests on a Single Annular Sector (SAC) of a land-based gas turbine engine and a multi-swirler LDI array. Non-reacting tests conducted include jets-in-crossflow and film cooling studies.

Facility Features

  • Static Pressure: Atmospheric
  • Air Flow Rate: 2 lb/sec
  • Air Heater: 72 kW
  • Temperature: 600°F
  • Test Section: 6” Flange
  • Traverse control: 3D, Fully-automated
  • Multi-channel DAQ system
  • Diagnostics: High-Speed PLIF-OH, PIV, Exhaust emission analysis, PDPA spray measurements

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